Licensing Resources

FCC Region 5 Information

The Federal Communications Commission – Region 5:  Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.

License Application Pre-Coordination

Computer Assisted Pre-Coordination Resource And Database system: CAPRAD

CAPRAD Public Users Manual: CAPRAD Users Manual

Using TSB-88 (PPT): UsingTSB-88

National Regional Planning Council (NRPC): NRPC

CalOES Interoperability Resources

CalOES Public Safety Radio Strategic Planning Committee (PSRSPC): CalOES PSRSPC

California Statewide Interoperable Communications (CALSIEC): CalOES CALSIEC

California Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan: CA-SCIP

California Interoperability Field Operations Guide: Cal-IFOG

Region 5 – 700 MHz Regional Planning

Region 5 (Southern California) 700 MHz Public Safety Planning Committee: Region 5 700 MHz Planning Committee

Region 5 – 700 MHz Allocation Plan final to FCC 6-20-2011 approved 10-24-2011:

Region 5 700 MHz Allocation Plan 10-24-2011

Region 5 – 700 MHz Allocation Plan (Appendix A): DA-11-1716A1

Region 5 – 700 MHz Filing Checklist: Region 5 RPC Applications Check List

Region 5 – 800 MHz Regional Planning

Approved 800 MHz Region 5 Amendment: (DA No.08-944)(Dkt No 89-97):
FCC DA-08-944A1.pdf

New 800 MHz MO&O:

New 800 MHz Public Notice:

FCC Quick Clicks

Violation & Interference Reporting: FCC Consumer Complaints

Commission Registration System (CORES): FCC User Registration Login

Universal Licensing System (ULS): FCC ULS

FCC Part 90 Rules:  GPO Link

Citations & Notice Of Violations: FCC Field Notices

Towers & Antennas: FCC Tower and Antenna Siting

Public Safety & Homeland Security: Public Safety and Homeland Security

911 & e911 Services: FCC 9-1-1 and e9-1-1-services

Reports / Presentations / White Papers

SoCal APCO comments on EWA RM-11978 2024

Importance of Cybersecurity for LMR Systems (PowerPoint)

Emissions Designators (PowerPoint)

Radio 101 For Telecommunicators_New Mexico EMS Radio Training (PowerPoint)

NPSTC 700 MHz Public Safety Broadband Task Force Report and Recommendations


In-Building 101: A Primer For RF Distribution Technology – Jack Daniel 2009


WT Docket 99-87 The Official Narrowbanding Order
FCC 08-127 FCC 6.25 KHz Digital Clarification Notice
DA 09-2589 FCC Narrowbanding Deadlines Reminder Notice
News Release 30 June, 2010 Is Affected
Shulman Rogers Narrowbanding Page

APCO Documents

4.9 GHz Task Force Report (2015)