Please use the images below when referring to, or promoting, the Southern California Chapter of APCO International. All images must be used in accordance with the Official Style Guide put forth by APCO International.

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Official Chapter Logo (approved by APCO International 2019):



Additional Chapter Logos used in flyers, signage, events, etc.

California APCO Corporate Partner Logo:

Southern California APCO Chapter (Round):

California State / CPRA APCO Icon Graphic:

Southern California APCO Logo B&W:

Southern California APCO Only:

Chapter Header Graphic:

Chapter Coin Logo (Front):

Chapter Coin Logo (Back):

APCO – Chapter Wave Logo:

CPRA Corporate Seal:

California APCO Logo:

California APCO Round Logo:

California APCO Wave Logo:

California APCO State Conference Logo (Generic):

APCO Western Region Logo:

APCO International Logo:

APCO Shield Only Logo: